Hidden Green Smoothie

Recently, I posted about my green smoothie recipe, which I have really do enjoy, but some days I’d prefer something sweeter. “Hiding the greens” by introducing another sweeter ingredient like blueberries in this case, or strawberries, mangos, melon-whatever catches your fancy, or happens to be on sale that week- makes it a little more palatable and attractive for my toddler too!


Blueberries with hidden spinach smoothie!


1/2 cup of frozen spinach

1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

1 frozen banana

ice cubes


squirt of agave syrup, if desired


In the quest to make healthier food choices and feel better (that is, not focusing on losing weight but on creating healthy lifelong habits and preferences), I am enjoying experimenting with the world of smoothies!

Tell me what you have discovered- what creative combinations do you like?



Healthy Smoothie Recipe!

More spinach in your diet can only be a good thing, and I’m always finding ways to sneak it in, whether into pasta dishes, into a hummus sandwhich, or an old-fashioned veggie salad.

Green smoothies are another great way to get a pack of nutrients and if you add a banana, the sweetness balances out!

2016-08-07 09.16.13

Spinach and banana

For this, I used about 3/4 cup of frozen spinach, one frozen bananas, and ice cubes made of beet juice that I froze after steaming up some beets! My grandmother taught me that the water from steaming vegetables is a terrible thing to waste, and she sometimes drinks it as is! I prefer to freeze it and sweeten up my spinach smoothie even more!

2016-08-07 09.15.52

Secret ice cubes made from beet steam!

At first, I used to add some agave or honey, but over time I’ve acquired the taste and even enjoy that it is not too sweet. I’ve also tried adding in one medjoul date, and I’ve found that makes it really delicious without being overpowering.

The experimentation is the fun part- so I’m figuring out what works for me.

Most importantly, I love drinking this up first thing in the morning in my fancy mug, a refreshing way to wake up on a hot summer day and start the day off with a boost.

Stay cool!


What do you put in your smoothie? Do you sweeten your green smoothies?